Thursday, June 26, 2008

Carl Oldberg

Carl Oldberg, who has worked for Andrew Christopherson the past year, met with an accident last Saturday morning which resulted in his death. He was leading a cold out to pasture and had the rope fastened around his hand in such a way that he was unable to run with him and he was dragged about thirty rods. When foudn the rope was still wound around his hand, his forehead was smashed in, his arm dislocated and his condition showed that he must have been kicked by the animal. He only lived about ten minutes after the accident happened. His only relative in this country, his brother, was working over in teh valley at the time, and an auto was sent for him but of course was unable to reach here in time to see him alive. The young man was 21 years of age and came to this country only about a year ago, and had worked for Mr. Christopherson most of the time since. He was a steady worker and well liked by those who knew him. He leaves a father and several brothers and sisters in Norway. Funeral services were held at the west church Sunday, conducted by Rev. Lauritz Thoresen.
Transcribed from Grandmother's scrapbook. Clark county newspaper clipping, other clipping on same page dated 1911.

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