Thursday, June 26, 2008

Joseph Heber d circa 1919

Joseph Heber of Vienna committed suicide by shooting himself last Tuesday eveing. He had been about town all day and seemd to be in the best of spirits. A little before 6 o'clock he telephoned to his wife and asked if there was anything she wanted him to bring home when came to supper. She gave him a list of a few small articles, which he got and took home with him. When he got home he asked if supper was ready, and being told that it was went to the wash stand and started to wash. He seemed to lose his mind at this time, and threw the wash dish across the room and exclaimed "I have got three of them here now, and when the other comes I will get him." This frightened Mrs. Heber, and with the 2 children that were at home, ran out of the house and gave the alarm. As soon as help arrived they entered the house and found him lying in the bedroom with 6 bullet holes through his body within a radius of 5 inches, the last shot passing through the heart. It is thought that financial troubles was the cause of his rash act. Mr. Heber came to Vienna in 1893 and started a hardware store, which he conducted until about a year ago, when he sold out to Riter and Gillis. He was of a very happy, cheerful temperment and was the last person one would expect to commit such an act.
Transcribed from clipping in old scrapbook. Clark COunty, SD newspaper, circa 1919

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