Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Mrs. Axel Torper

The people of this community were shocked on Sunday last to hear of the death of Mrs. Axel Torper of Lake township. Just a day or two before her death she was in Willow Lakes shopping, semmingly in good health. A few days before she caught a severe cold which developed into a dropsical condition of the windpipe and larynx making respiration difficult, and Sunday morning she was taken violently worse and physicians were summonded, who found that a trachytomy operation must be performed. She was placed under the influence of anesthetic but life was too near extinct, and she never awoke.
Olea Anderson was born in Norway in 1886 and came to America with her parents Mr. and Mrs. Johannes Anderson, when about one year old and resided with her parents in Merton township until 1904 when she was united in marriage to Axel Torper.
Funeral services will be conducted from thehome this afternoon and the remains laid to rest in Lutheran church cemetery in Merton township.

Transcribed from clipping in Grandmother's scrapbook. No newspaper name is available; appears to be from Lake Preston SD area. Nearest dated item is 1913.

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