Thursday, June 26, 2008

Mrs. Charles Anderson

Note: this lady's first name is never used....
Seldom is a community as a whole so thoroughly and greviously shocked as was the case here last Saturday when the _____ forth of the death of Mrs. Charles Anderson. So many of her friends did not know that she was ill and those who visited her sickbed daily did not realize that she was seriously sick. On the 20th of March she was seemingly in her usual health and was performing many acts of loving kindness and helpfulness for those she loved as was her want. She was taken sick that evening with what seemed to be a slight cold, but which quickly developed into pneumonia and on Friday night complications set in and she passed away Saturday eve., March 25gh. Mrs. Anderson was born in Chicago IL Aug 3, 1876 and lived there until 9 years old when she moved with her parents to Clark county and resided on a farm near Vienna until the time of her marriage to the late Charles Anderson, a prominent business man of this place. Mr. Anderson preceded his wife in death a little less than 3 years. He died in a sanitarium whither he had gone, accompanied by his wife, for treatment. July 29, 1908 Mrs. Anderson was a prominent member of teh Royal Neighbor Lodge and when there was a camp here she held the office of oracle some time. Since the Vienna camp became delinquent she has been identified with the camp at Willow Lakes, and conspicuous among the many floral offerings was a magnificient wreath from this camp. In fact a more beautiful floral tribute than was sent in by the sorrowing freinds of Mrs. Anderson has never been seen here, and the telegrams of condolence sent to the bereaved family were many and full of thoughtful words of sympathy and sorrow. Mrs. Anderson leaves to mourn her loss her bereaved father, Philip Mittan, mother Anna Mittan, brother John Mittan of Spokane WA, and sister Mrs. Belle Mittan Johnson. Funeral services were held in St. Mary's Catholic church at Bryant on Tuesday and interment made in the Catholic cemetery there.
Transcribed from clipping in old scrapbook. Clark County SD newspaper circa 1919.

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