Friday, June 27, 2008

Mrs. Hans Helgesen circa 1920

obit does not give her first name
Mrs. Hans Helgesen, who has been sick for the past 2 and one half years, passed away last Friday, July 2. Deceased was a daughter of Hans and Agnetta Larsen and one of eleven children. She was born in St. Olaf March 27, 1880 and was baptized and confirmed in the Norway Congregation.
October 13th she was married to Hans Helgesen, a son of Peder and Joran Helgesen and this union was blessed with once child, who preceded the mother in death.
Mr and Mrs Helgesen lived in St. Olaf for about 3 years after they were married and later moved on to the Helgesen farm about one mile west of St. Olaf, where they have lived ever since.
Everything that medical skill and human kindness could do for Mrs Helgesen was done, but to no avail. Home physicians treated her, she received most tender care, especially from her mother-in-law Mrs Peder Helgesen. She was treated at Thomas hospital at two different times, only to answer the final summons on Friday, July 2.
Deceased was a devoted member of the Norway church and a true believer in God. Shortly before her death she received the Lord's Supper in which she found strength and the assurance that her sins were forgiven and that she was cleansed in the blood of Jesus.
The funeral was held last Monday afternoon with services at the home and Norway church with Rev. A. Arvesen officiating.
Mrs Helgesen's untimely death is mourned by a devoted husband, and adopted daughter, an old father, one sister, five brothers and a dear mother-in-law, who has done so much for the one that has left, besides many other relatives and friends.

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